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    Anti Lost Strap

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    Never worry about losing site of your child with an adjustable wrist leash that keeps them close by, even when you aren’t looking.

    The moment children start to walk they’re determined to be off on their own adventure, especially when you leave the house. But it’s not always safe for them to wander off when you’re in crowded areas, near cars or traffic, or trying to run errands. That’s why we created the Anti-Lost Wrist Link, a comfortable and adjustable leash that ensures they never wander off to get lost or stolen.
    Multipurpose Attachment Options

    This flexible wrist link uses heavy-duty Velcro to let you attach it to both your wrists, however, it can also be attached to a child wearing a backpack or suspenders or hooked up to a stroller if you’re walking another baby at the same time.

    • Keep Children Safer – This safety wrist links for adults and kids let you keep children from wandering off, being stolen, or getting into accidents when you’re busy or focused on the people or things around you.
    • Breathable, Smart Cuff Design – Each end of our PU-wrapped flexible steel wire is fitted with a Velcro strap with cotton cuff on the inside to make it softer and more comfortable for you and your growing child.
    • Quick Attach and Detach – The Velcro strap lets you easily slide in your or your child’s hand and adjust it to fit perfectly and then remove it in seconds you’ve reached your destination.
    • All-Purpose Travel Safety – This wrist link for toddlers can be worn while you’re out shopping, traveling in crowded areas like a subway or zoo, and even when you’re getting groceries or walking in the park.
    • Guaranteed Satisfaction – Designed with a heavy-duty steel wire on the inside a smooth, PU cover, these toddler safety harnesses and leashes are safe for children and come backed by a reliable guarantee
    Product Details:
    1. Anti-Lost Wrist Link (Adults and Kids)
    2. Breathable Cotton Cuff Lining
    3. Adjustable Velcro Strap
    4. Smooth, Durable PU Cover (Outside)
    5. Stainless Steel Wire (Inside)
    6. Cable Length: 2.5 Meters (8.2’)