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    AntiSkid Straps

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    EASILY Get Your Vehicle Unstuck Out of ANY Situation

    • Save Stranded Cars: increase friction between tires and the ground to unstick any stuck cars and trucks
    • Works In All Conditions: get out of mud, sand, snow or other bad conditions
    • Use With Any Vehicle: universal design is compatible with all types of vehicles, from SUVs to cars and trucks
    • Super Easy to Install: simply wrap around a tire and attach to the hub in seconds
    • Handles Extreme Force:  high strength rubber and nylon deal with intense force without breaking

    Free Vehicles from Even the Worst Conditions

    Sometimes some pretty unfortunate things can happen in life. And getting your car stuck in mud or snow is definitely be one of them.

    It happens to so many people all the time. So when it happens to you or someone you know, be prepared. 

    DriveTron™ increases friction between tires and the ground to get vehicles out of any situation. 

    Simply attach them to the stuck tires and drive right out of trouble.

    Whether stuck in snow, mud, sand, or anything else, get your car unstuck fast!

    Universal Fit Works With All Automobiles!

    DriveTron™ Straps fit onto any sized wheel from cars, trucks, or SUVs. 

    It's universal design ensures that no matter what vehicle you own, it can be saved. 

    Reliably rescue yourself and others!

    Install On Tires in Seconds

    Installation is a breeze with DriveTron™. Unlike tire chains, these rubber straps are much easier to install.

    Just wrap the straps around the tire and attach to the hub. That's all there is to it!

    No hassle and no tools required. 

    Bring the Straps With You Everywhere!

    The emergency straps are lightweight, portable, and unobtrusive. Take them with you anywhere and everywhere. 

    Keep it in your trunk, backseat, in your bag, or wherever you prefer!Just fold them up and they'll be virtually unnoticeable. 

    And next time your car or someone else's gets stuck, you'll be prepared to free the vehicle with ease!

    The MOST Durable Emergency Straps Yet

    Extra strength rubber and nylon allow DriveTron™ to take on extreme force without breaking.

    Freeing you car from sticky situations using emergency straps takes a lot of torque. And DriveTron™ handles this force with no problem at all!

    Rest easy knowing that you can rely on DriveTron™ to save vehicles without breaking.