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    Dumpling Maker Kit

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    Make Your Own Homemade Dumpling & Ravioli ! 

    Get a Dumpling Maker Kit to make your own dumplings, tart, ravioli and others. Just need to flip up the maker to seal and crimp your dumplings with the perfect shape. It can be used to make perfect dumplings in just minutes.

    Product Feature:

    • Easy to use and clean: The curvature of the product surface ensures the comfortable quality which is easy to use and easy handling. It is also dishwasher safe.
    • High efficiency: Use the spoon filling into the center, moisten the edges of the round for a proper seal. Fold and press it. 
    • Non-slip grip and seal design: Crimped edge design makes sure dough seals tight. Gives your pastry a professional look.

     Way To Use

    1. Roll out your pastry dough and lay the dumpling maker on the dough with the cutting edge down.
    2. Press down to make a perfect circle.
    3. Turn the dumpling maker over.
    4. Place the circle of dough in the dumpling maker.
    5. Add filling with the spoon and then fold in half.
    6. Open and remove a perfect dumpling, cook any way you want.