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    Quick wash Paw Cleaner

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    No More Dirty Floors Or Furniture!

    So simple to use, Just fill the cleaner with water, dip your dog's paw in and then rinse and done!   Your dog's paw will be clean and 100% dirt free.
    These are all   handmade with premium and ECO-friendly silicone,  Safe for all pets. Also features soft silicone bristles that will safely remove all the dirt from your dog's paws.

    Ideal for Active Dogs or Rainy Days!

    Keep the QuickWash Paw Cleaner on hand for hiking, walks, or a trip to the park. Or, keep your QuickWash at your backdoor to get your dog's paws clean before coming back into the house.



    • REMOVES HARMFUL BACTERIA:  Gentle soft silicone bristles that will not leave your dog sore, Itchy or feel any discomfort. Silicone bristles are strong enough to safely remove mud, sand, dirt, ice and even removes harmful bacteria & chemicals.
    • QUICK & EASY TO USE:  Add a little water and simply insert the muddy dirty paw inside the cup. Move cup up and down or rotate for the best results. Pat and wipe paw dry and then repeat with other paws.
    • SOFT SILICONE DESIGN Components can be taken apart in seconds and soft bristle brush pad is made from durable non-stick and non-staining high-quality silicone.
    • NO MORE DIRT ON FLOORS: This PAW CLEANER is a gentle and effective tool for removing dirt from your pet's paws before touching furniture or carpets. Meaning carpets, furniture, and other belongings will be kept perfectly clean!