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    Advanced 5-In-1 Photon Skin Rejuvenation Handset

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    Reduce fine lines and wrinkles from the comfort of your home, with the 5 in 1 LED Skin Tightening Wand!

    Achieve radiant, younger looking skin with this at-home anti-aging tool that uses photo-rejuvenation to treat problem areas such as crow’s feet, bags and wrinkles under the eyes, cheeks, neck and more...

    Quick highlights:

    • Reduces pore size, fine lines and wrinkles
    • Fights acne and oily skin, kills bacteria
    • Improves absorption of skin care products
    • Erases bags under eyes
    • Eliminates blemish and dark spots
    • Lifts face
    • Tightens delicate skin


    This easy to use hand-held facelift device is one of the greatest breakthroughs in home skincare and beauty treatments since the Ancient Egyptians started doing it more than 6000 years ago....

    It's the same advanced technology dermatologists and aestheticians use in their expensive office treatments that removes wrinkles, fine lines, acne, breakouts, eczema, redness...

    However, in-office treatments costs $250 - $350 per session.

    With this in-home portable facelift device, you will experience the same benefits right in the comfort of your home... at a fraction of the cost! 

    What is LED Light Treatment?

    “LED light is one of the best treatments because it boosts collagen in the skin, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, speeds up healing, and increases circulation for that amazing glow.”

    The Advanced 5 in 1 Facelift Device™ utilizes 5 different color LEDs, each are scientifically proven to have it's own use or benefits. For example, “Blue LED light kills acne-causing bacteria to clear up existing breakouts and prevent new ones from forming.”

    "How do you use it?"

    It's actually very easy.

    You simply use it before bed or in the morning for around 10 minutes. You can use it daily or every other day. 

    Just drop some serum on the four points on the device, activate the light for your desired result, then move it on your skin in a slow circular motion. 

    Want less wrinkles and fine lines? Simply activate the Red Light 

    Sick of seeing acne on your face? Breakout the Blue Light

    Ready to improve your skin-tone? Shine the Green Light all over

    Issues with skin redness or rosacea? Illuminate the problem area with the Amber Light

    Want lighter coloured skin? Go ahead and turn on the Pink light

    Results Speak For Themselves!

    Latest Skincare Technology

    Before and after picture of Margaret Smith. The picture on the right was taken after only 14 days of using the 5-in-1 Facelift Device

    Skincare For Older People

    The different light modes work together to erase wrinkles and fine lines at the cellular level below the surface of the skin which is why it's so effective. 

    This Device Saves You $1,000s Per Year! 

    This easy to use hand-held device is one of the greatest breakthroughs in home skincare and beauty treatments since the Ancient Egyptians started doing it more than 6000 years ago....

    The best part about this device? It can save you $1200+ per year.

    Yes, that's right, you can throw away your cupboard full of creams, lotions and potions and never spend a dollar on skin-care ever again!

    This device is truly that powerful. 

    We stand by these claims by offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee

    If you're not happy with the results or the device for whatever reason, we'll gladly refund you 100% of your money


    The device should not be used under the following conditions:

    • Pregnant woman
    • Pace maker
    • Patients with epilepsy
    • Blood circulation disorder
    • Allergic reaction to serums
    • Thyroid issues
    • Do not use on children aged 16 and below
    • Max time for each treatment is 10 minutes. Alarm goes off at 10 minute intervals