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    Electric Baby Nose Sucker

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    IDEAL FOR RUNNING NOSE - A “clever” baby nasal aspirator for infant or kid. Soft and powerful suction tip design is better than other products on the market. The shape of our aspirator looks like a banana which is easy to handheld. Lovely shape attracts kid’s attention.

    TWO SIZES AND TWO POSITIONS - Two sizes for kids of different age. Soft silicone head is suitable for infants and another is for kids range from 2 to 8 years old. This set has all you need to get nasal mucus out with no additional cost - there's no need to buy filters or any other replacement parts.

    DETACHABLE & EASY TO CLEAN - Silicone tip is easy to remove and clean. Silicone material allows being sterilized by hot water or ultraviolet ray light.

    SAFE & HEALTHY MATERIALS - This baby nasal aspirator makes a SAFE, HYGIENIC device for the needs of babies and young children. Molded of soft silicone, the material is safe and BPA free, it will feel soft and comfortable and it will not harm your baby’s nasal cavity when using.

    QUIET, SOFT AND EFFECTIVE - Soft tip protects the sensitive nose and does not have any discomfort during use. No noise or knock, super quiet. Do not worry about frighten or distress kid. The nasal aspirator can be operated by ONE-HAND. Convenient and intimate. For 15 hours working time on a single charge.

    HOW TO USE - Press on the button one time to on it, two times to increase the power of suction and three times to turn it off.


    • Five gears can be adjusted and selected by one key control, easy and convenient for meeting different needs
      ● Food grade silicone suction head and nozzle, soft and skin-friendly
      ● Detachable design for cleaning conveniently
      ● Ergonomic design with humanized radian, comfortable to hold
      ● Rechargeable design with USB cable, easy to charge and durable to use
      ● Anti-reflux design can prevent the snot from flowing back into the nose

    Use Instructions:
    1. Before use, soak the suction nozzle in warm salt water for 10 minutes to disinfect.
    2. Install the nasal aspirator and open the switch to start.
    3. If the nasal excrement is dry nasal excrement, can use saline or nasal spray to spray into the nostril first, the nasal spray should be exposed to the nasal cavity for four to five minutes.

    The fuselage is not washable, please do not put the fuselage in water to clean

    Package Content: 
    1 x Nasal Aspirator
    2 x Suction Nozzle 
    1 x USB Cable