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    Led Cycling Signal

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    Is safety important for you?

    The Cycling LED Signal Vest is powerful enough to help all cyclists be more visible while riding both day and night, and is equipped with a wireless remote control flashing system! It is incredibly effective at increasing visibility, informing other drivers on road about where you are turning, and preventing potential accidents which can save your life!

    The Cycling LED Signal Vest is just as effective during the day and when it is raining or snowing, which is when motorists have poor visibility due to bad weather.

    The bicycle signaling vest is operated by wireless remote control and is very simply and easy to use. The remote control buttons create flashing LED arrows on your vest to inform drivers of your presence and where you are going. It can signal right, left, straight and stop, giving clear indications to drivers around you.  

    The safety vest can be worn over any thick jacket or coat and even over a backpack or bag. 


    • Helps Cyclists Be More Visible While Riding
      High visibility keeps you safe in all weather conditions and during night and day.
    • Made for Anyone On the Road
      It is great for bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, runners and even construction crews working along the road. 
    • Easy to Use and Operate
      Press buttons to indicate that you're turning right, left, straight or stopping so other drivers can be aware of your presence.
    • Adjustable and Convenient Wear
      Lightweight reflective LED vest has elastically adjustable strap buckles designed for convenient wear and can fit any size.

    This Cycling LED Signal Vest is perfect for being safe in traffic! Wear this everywhere when you are in traffic to ensure your safety!