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    The Six Treasures Pillow

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    Recommended by healthcare professionals.
    The Six Treasures Pillow was created over one simple, yet profound idea:
    "Take care of your body, and your body will take care of you."

    Kinked necks, sleepless nights, and cranky mornings are now a thing of the past.

    ☑️REDUCE NECK AND BACK PAIN: Bad sleeping positions frequently cause sharp pain in the neck and lower back area. The Six Treasures Pillow is designed to mirror your cervical spine, so you can rest assured knowing your fragile neck has the proper support and elevation for outstanding health. 

    ☑️ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Constructed of tier-one memory foam, our patented pillow will make you sleep like a dream by positioning your head, neck and shoulders into perfect alignment every night. Not to mention, it's super soft and supportive. Proper alignment has never been so effortless.

    ☑️FALL ASLEEP FASTER:  Users of the Six Treasures Pillow fall asleep 73% faster on average, due to the cradling of the head, neck and shoulders. This effect mimics the feeling of a mother safely cradling a baby, and you will drift into dreamland with ease.

     ☑️SPINAL REPAIR: The Six Treasures Pillow offers pain-point relief by distributing the weight of your head, neck and shoulders evenly throughout the tier-one memory foam. This ensures that with consistent use, your body will feel more youthful. The weight distribution promotes healing, wellbeing, and you will finally experience the feeling of becoming in sync with your body.

    ☑️RELIEVES STRESS: Thoroughly relax, decompress and recharge your body after a stress-induced day. Once you experience what a properly designed pillow feels like, you won't be able to justify the price of expensive spa visits, acupuncture and massage appointments.

    ☑️STOP SNORING: Most pillows put the neck in an unnatural position, constricting the throat. Your tongue falls backward on your throat, narrowing the airway, obstructing the airflow. This is a problem. The Six Treasures Pillow has the solution. It can keep you aligned in a natural position, which expands the breathing passage. Goodbye snoring, hello serenity.

    ☑️PREVENTS SLEEP WRINKLES: With the wrong pillow, your face is constantly rubbing pillowcase. Wrinkles begin to appear from the applied pressure. The unique contouring of the Six Treasures Pillow will prevent sleep wrinkles by eliminating all tossing and turning throughout the night, ensuring you age better than your peers. That's beauty sleep if we've ever heard of it.

    ☑️MACHINE WASHABLE: Avoid the inevitable odor and bacteria growth buildup that comes from standard bed pillows. The Six Treasures Pillowcase has a hidden zipper located on the back of the pillow, to prevent snagging and scratching your skin. It's constructed of breathable material to prevent overheating and discomfort. To top it off, the Six Treasures Pillowcase is washable on any setting. 

    ☑️EVERYONE FITS: Handcrafted to meet the demand of every kind of sleeper. Whether you prefer sleeping on your stomach, back, or side, or a mix of all three. No more stacking pillows and having to readjust constantly. Tall or small, the Six Treasures Pillow is the perfect fit for every occasion.

    50cm * 30cm *10cm * 6cm
    Order Includes:

    1x Six Treasures Pillow, 1x FREE INCLUDED Six Treasures Pillowcase

    30 Night Trial - Love It Or Leave It

    You have 30 nights to fall in love with your Six Treasures Pillow. Not loving it? Just contact us and we'll organize your full refund. We're that confident you'll love it.

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